Bora Bora - Part 2 of 2


We brought our "water hammocks" with us.

Of course, we did some snorkeling, and here's Ann looking up into our bungalow through the glass coffee table.

Working on the 'above-and-below' photo style.

This guy stopped in for a visit a couple of times.

A little wine & cheese, with a fabulous view.

A couple times it rained on the main island, but not on our little motu.

That's the Rocinante yacht, which is 276 feet long, and recently sold for a little over 100 million dollars.

Love that hairdo!

With the breeze at his back, this little guy's 'cap' of feathers blew straight up, giving him a kind of 'punk' look.

It's another beautiful morning!

We loved the Polynesian decor of our bungalow.

This was our first experience in an outrigger canoe.

We bought fish food--the only approved food source for feeding the fish--at the resort gift shop. It was a little pricey, but most of the cost goes toward the work they're doing on the coral nursery.

And while in the store, Ann had the urge to buy a bag of Cheetos. Imagine our surprise when they said the price was $12!

We didn't know what we were looking at when we saw these, but it turns out they're Giant (maybe Ruffled) Clams.

A striking duo! The one on the left is Ann's favorite fish, a Queen Parrotfish. The other one is a Threadfin Butterflyfish.

Haven't identified this fish yet, but we thought it had an interesting pattern, much like 'Brain Coral.'

The outdoor shower was great for rinsing the salt water off you and your gear.

After a good snorkel it's time for beer and nuts.

This is the small cruise ship 'Haumana.' It's 108 feet long, and can carry only 22 passengers, with prices starting at only $1,400/night!

The National Geographic Socity's cruise ship 'Orion' joined the 'Paul Gauguin' in port.

Several rays swam by our deck one evening.

I'm pretty sure those are Bonefish feeding on the bottom.

Can you tell we love taking pictures of Mt. Otemanu?

One morning at breakfast, this shot of the many-shades-of-blue water was too hard to resist.

The Bora Bora Pearl offers several different 'Romance' packages, including getting married. We were lucky to be able to watch this one--from a distance--from our own bungalow. There were 5 female and 4 male dancers. It was fun to watch them, and we could clearly hear the drums from across the water.

This is how we ate dinner several nights in a row after a disappointing first dinner at the restaurant.

Where'd the mountain go?

I thought the "rain shadows" were interesting, caused by the wind blowing the mist.

Ann happened to be watching when a gust of wind caused one chair to eerily slide 4 or 5 ft. across the deck.

We moved our lounge chairs indoors during the passing storm.

And no, that is NOT an accumulation of wine bottles from that day alone. We kept our 'Do not disturb' sign up most of the time, so they weren't getting picked up daily.

This windsurfer came out to take advantage of the wind as soon as the rain stopped.

Some time after breakfast, not too terribly early ;-) a toast in front of Mt. Otemanu on our 30th anniversary!

That's the Windstar cruise ship 'Wind Spirit.'

We saw several boats like this one, with a variety of differently painted hulls, and an outrigger on one side for stability.

On our anniversary--our last night in the bungalow--we ordered from room service for dinner. Ann used her black cover-up as a tablecloth and added the vase of flowers from the tub. When the server had set up all the food, he asked if he could take a photo of the pretty table for his manager.

Time to finish up the fish food, this time from above the water at the coral nursery.

It's been wonderful in Bora Bora, but now we're moving on to a hotel in Tahiti for one night before our early-morning flight home.

Alas, it's time to get on the ferry for the ride to the airport.

That's our inter-island plane from Bora Bora to Tahiti.

We got a glimpse of our resort as we took off.

A view of the main island of Bora Bora.

Those are the Intercontinental Resort and the Le Meridien Resort on the eastern side of Bora Bora.

As we landed in Tahiti, we could see our resort for the night, the Intercontinental Beachcomber.

We had a very nice room, with a view of Moorea island, 26 miles off the coast of Tahiti.

Our bungalows on Bora Bora were wonderful, but it feels good to be in a more traditional room for the night. And easier to escape the humidity.

This is the view from our balcony looking left . . .

. . . straight ahead . . .

. . . and right.

We took a stroll through the grounds and made our way to the restaurants to check out the menus and buy a bottle of wine to take back to our room.

The balcony railing screen had colored panels in the 'cut-out' design making for interesting shadows on the deck.

More fine dining in our room!

After our disappointing food at the Bora Bora Pearl, and cold dinners on the other nights, Ann went for a burger and fries, and was in 7th heaven!

We were told by the travel agency to be at the airport at 5:00 AM for our 7:30 flight. Yikes! But at least we had access to a lounge with complimentary snacks and drinks. All self-serve.

Ann had thought 5:30 AM might be a bit too early for champagne, but she quickly decided she was wrong ;-)

We flew Business Class on Air France, and enjoyed our "pods."

Our snack consisted of "Salmon & Swordfish Tartare topped with Asparagus & Mascarpone Cream," "Chicken & Foie Gras Terrine," and "Seasonal Salad." And Champagne, of course. (We were later surprised to find that the champagne (Deutz) sells for $50 at our local discount store. Just had to look it up--the flight attendants seemed intent on mentioning every time they poured, "yes, and this is the good stuff.")

Lunch was "Pan-Seared Beef Tournedos," "Bacon-Wrapped Green Bean Bundle," and "Potatoes Stuffed with Garlic Cream." With a decent Bordeaux Rouge ($50 online).

When the flight attendant rattled off all the dessert choices, I asked if we could see them. She brought us a tray with one of everything and left it with us! Including an Armagnac digestif, rather like 'rocket fuel' ($60/bottle online).

Ann enjoyed playing a jigsaw puzzle on her personal display.

The entertainment system had options to show simulated views from a left window, a right window, or the cockpit windshield.

Bye-Bye Bora Bora, it's been wonderful!