RV Trip 2015 - Wyoming & Utah - Part 4 of 4

Day 18, Friday, 09/25/15

Next, a stay at Lower Mule Canyon camping area, while in-transit to Natural Bridges National Monument. This ‘dispersed camping’ was quite an experience. (Dispersed Camping means there are no designated or obvious sites, but you should only camp in an area that has been previously disturbed.) The plan was to drive a mile down unpaved Comb Wash Road to the site of some Anasazi ruins. But the road crossed a dry creek bed, which looked deep enough that the RV could get stuck in it. Since we didn’t think it wise to go forward, and couldn’t turn around, we had to back up the road (a slight grade) until there was a modest clearing on both sides of the road that allowed us to do a multi-point turn. But once turned around and proceeding back toward the camping area, we got stuck in the sand. So we backed up a bit, then got rolling forward again using some ‘tractor treadmarks’ on one side of the road for traction. We had looked forward to seeing the ruins, but the road was too sandy for our bikes, and it was too far to walk to, at least in that heat.

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