09/21/17 Wednesday: Joshua Tree, CA to Goodyear, AZ

Today we headed east toward Phoenix. On our way out, we saw several dead trees of various shapes with something hanging from them that looked like Spanish Moss. One looked like a giant Scottie (well, a terrier of some sort). Too bad I wasn't ready with the camera!

We had originally chosen a BLM place to camp tonight (Saddleback Mountain), but as we got closer, the weather seemed to be too hot to go without air conditioning, so we reserved a night at Destiny RV Resort in Goodyear, Arizona instead. We had more rain on the road there, but it stopped before our arrival, at least long enough to get set up. It started up again and we put the awning out a little to hear the sound of the rain better over the noise of the air conditioner (which couldn't really handle the heat & humidity, but it dropped the temp 10 degrees which made it tolerable). We also used our little DC fan to help move some air while having cocktails on the sofa.

After dinner we went to the pool for a quick dip. We joked on the way there about whether or not they'd put a block of ice in the pool today, expecting it to be too warm to be refreshing. What a shock--it was quite cold! After dangling our feet for a bit, I decided to take a quick dip, but oh so quick, 'cause it really was chilly. But it was a good cool-down at the end of a very hot day.