09/28/16, Wednesday: Sunset Crater National Monument, AZ to Dinosaur Tracks, AZ

It was sunny when we left our Bonita campsite and headed to Wupatki National Monument. But as we completed our tour, some dark clouds approached. We ate our lunch there in the coach to the sounds of a fabulous thunderstorm. We were done eating and poised to leave, when the rain hit. And it rained really hard for a bit. Coming down in sheets. When it let up, we continued on our way to Tuba City with plans to stop at 'Dinosaur Tracks,’ but when we arrived, the rain started again. We waited awhile to see if it would stop, but then moved on to our camping location. We were disappointed that the rains had finally messed up our plans, but we knew it wouldn't be too far to come back tomorrow if it wasn't raining.