10/05/16, Wednesday: Santa FE, NM

After chatting with the very knowledgeable camp hostess about sights and bus stops, we rode our bikes to a nearby bus stop to catch a ride into the downtown area. The first bus that came along had 2 bikes already on it (they only hold 3), so we decided to keep pedaling toward town and try the next bus. And we were in luck. We put the bikes on and were soon dropped at the Santa Fe Depot.

We locked up our bikes near a bike rental store and made our way to the free trolley that makes a loop around the heart of town. We had hoped to make the whole loop to get a feel for the lay of the land, but it was too crowded. Anyway, the second stop was the closest stop to the brew pub Chris had chosen for lunch (Blue Corn Cafe & Brewery), so it worked out fine. We both enjoyed the beer and our respective meals, although the portions were enormous and I wished we had brought a cooler so that we could (safely) hang on to our leftovers for the remainder of the day while we did sightseeing. Oh well . . . something to think about for future treks of this nature.