San Simeon State Beach 2019


In early/middle July 2019 we drove our motorhome to San Simeon State Beach (just north of Cambria) and camped there for a few days.

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We followed Highway 1 (Pacific Coast Highway) along the coast.

We drove through the outskirts of Cambria before arriving at Hearst San Simeon State Park.

We had a nice site in one of the two campgrounds within the park (San Simeon Creek Campground). Many of the sites were well-spaced with trees in between.

The following morning we rode our bikes to check out potential trails for riding into town without riding on PCH. Alas, the trails were not well cleared and there were signs warning about ticks, so we ended up opting for a short ride on PCH instead, which wasn't bad at all with very little traffic.

The San Simeon Creek Trail includes a boardwalk that leads to the beach.

This collection of driftwood seemed like it would make quite a roaring beach bonfire!

We're betting this rock has a name, but we couldn't find it anywhere. Ann decided its name should be 'Sea Otter Rock,' and here she is giving it a 'pat' on the head.

We took a short stroll down the beach, which was remarkably uncrowded.

One area of the beach had an amazing variety of colored rocks.

The low cliffs and boulders at the shoreline make it very scenic.

Break, break, break,
On thy cold gray stones, O Sea!
And I would that my tongue could utter
The thoughts that arise in me. (Tennyson)

OK, that's Ann waxing poetic. Can't say I was truly contemplating anything deep at the moment. Well OK, maybe having a cocktail when we got back to camp. ;-)

This pedestrian/bicycle bridge passed through a dark tunnel of trees.

The kitties enjoyed the nice, quiet campground.

The following day we rode our bikes a few miles into Cambria.

Our first order of business was to have lunch (including a couple of local beers) at The Old Stone Station (it used to be a gas station, built in 1931).

Cambria is full of charming shops and art galleries to explore.

It also has the smallest Bank of America that we've ever seen.

This gallery carried a lot of blown glass pieces, as well as art in a variety of other media, and you couldn't miss it, with the giant frog on a stick of bamboo out front!

Ann liked the name of the shop across the street, 'Granny Had One.' We checked it out after lunch and wine tasting. Not sure you could call it an antique store, but they had lots and lots of vintage household items.

Of course, part of our plan for the day included wine tasting, and based on what I read beforehand, I chose Cayucos Cellars.

We loved the sign outside the tasting-room door.

Ann thought this was the cutest car wash she'd ever seen.

Riding back to the campground, we followed Moonstone Beach Drive and checked out its one-mile boardwalk

There were several stretches of beach in the area where the water was a turquoise color. Ann had to get a shot of the pretty water colors with some Cypress tree branches in the foreground.

When we got back to our coach, Barley was ready for his Happy Hour treat!

We enoyed the coastline scenery again as we headed out Thursday to our next stop, Buellton.

As we headed south, the fog bank stayed just offshore.

We passed through the small town of Cayucos, where my sister Cynda had treated us to a fabulous dinner at Hoppe’s Garden Bistro for my birthday back in 2007. And Ann managed to get pics (shooting through the windows of the coach) of the Cayucos pier both coming . . .

. . . and going!

Here's Cooper in a comfy position on Ann's chair checking out our new digs for the night. On our way home, we spent one night at Flying Flags RV Resort in Buellton to have dinner at one of our favorite steakhouses. And rather than taking a cab, we had our first Uber experience!

When we first ate at The Hitching Post II on our first RV trip in 2015, we decided it was the best steak we've ever had. Each subsequent visit, we kinda' expected to be disappointed, thinking that we surely had inflated expectations, but it continued to be the best steak ever. But now we're thinking they've been edged out by Eolus in Durango, CO. Yum yum!

Whenever we're camped and the door is open, you can pretty much count on Cooper sitting in the stairwell at the screen door, or maybe at the top of the stairs. But Barley doesn't join him all that often.

This is Barley in his cat carrier, on the bed, with a beach towel draped over the top. (He feels pretty secure riding this way.) Ann just had to take this picture because the folds in the towel--the way it happened to drape this time--make it look like cat ears, but it's actually just the black mesh of the carrier! And those two glowing spots you see are Barley's eyes.The zebra stripes at the bottom are the pattern of the cat carrier; it almost looks like he has giant stripes on his paws. Or maybe zebra-striped boxing gloves!