f/8 1/80 sec 5.8mm ISO 80


When I stepped back out of the coach with drinks and an appetizer he said, “I was sure I heard a trickle of water and thought I must be crazy, but there is a very tiny creek running through here.” So we sat outside (in the shade) with our Gin & Tonics, Triscuits & cream cheese, and did a couple of days’ worth of our word puzzles. Then it clouded up and cooled down a bit; we saw dark clouds rolling in. And pretty soon we heard thunder and got just a few light sprinkles. With a little sun and a little rain I of course looked up at the sky (opposite the sun) looking for a rainbow, which wasn’t there. So I started turning slowly in a circle--there had to be rainbow somewhere. And then we saw it, something we’d never seen before: a rainbow in the same part of the sky as the sun, and upside down! We later learned that it’s called a “circumzenithal arc.” We have a couple of pictures here of the one that we saw, but you can find plenty of others on the internet. (Kodachrome Basin State Park, $19/night)