We left Bryce and continued on to Kanab. For a change, we were able to camp at the chosen spot, which was Crazy Horse RV Campground, and we had full hookups. Yay! The manager told us the pool was about 85 degrees, and although that was warmer than we needed, we decided to check it out. Yikes! It was more like 65 degrees. I took a really quick dip, but Chris, after hanging his legs over the edge for just a bit, said no way.

We had tentatively planned on going to the Visitor Center at 8 AM the next morning to try our luck at the ‘lottery’ for a permit to hike ‘The Wave’ on Thursday. (The original erosion creating this truly surreal formation was water, and while that water source is long gone, it continues to be eroded by wind. If you don’t know about ‘The Wave,’ check it out here The Wave.) But we found out that the 8-mile long dirt road to the trail head had a pretty deep rut at one point, which the ranger recommended not trying in the RV!