f/3.5 1/640 sec 9.975mm ISO 80


Then we decided to see if we could get a rental car for the day, and found we could rent a jeep for $150. But after checking the weather one more time, we decided it was just going to be too bloody hot Thursday for a somewhat difficult hike in the desert. If we waited for Friday (still only a possibility with the lottery) there would be a 10-degree drop in the temperature, but it meant we would not be able to rendezvous as planned with Cynda & Marcel, so we decided to let it go and meet them Wednesday at Jacob Lake. We have hiked a slot canyon, the walls of which have a similar look and feel, although in this case you walk through a dry streambed (subject to flash floods though) and it’s shady. (Crazy Horse RV Campground, $30/night)