f/3.2 1/500 sec 7.466mm ISO 80


Day 23, Wednesday, 09/30/15

The drive to Jacob Lake was short (thankfully, because I knew we had a couple of long days coming up to get home). The campground (inside the Kaibab National Forest) was very nice. We had no hookups but the sites had good separation between them and lots of trees. We got there pretty early (for us), and set up camp, including putting out our patio mat, for only the 2nd time on the whole trip. We even put up our colorful ‘streamers’ on the awning. We then rode our bikes over to the lodge where Cynda & Marcel would be staying and left a map for them showing where we were in the campground. We rode back to our site and sat outside in our chairs with a beer, thoroughly enjoying the cooler temperature and the whispering pines.

In the pictures for this day, you can see Cooper in his usual ‘camping’ spot. The stairwell (or at the top of it) by the screen door. Once we get set up in a site, he pretty quickly takes up residence there, where he can view/smell ‘today’s world.’

Cynda & Marcel decided to swing through the campground before checking in at the lodge hoping to spot us. And they did, or we spotted them. We chatted briefly, gave them a quick tour of the RV, and then they went to the lodge to check in before walking back to join us for dinner. We told them about our trip so far, and Cynda regaled us with her crazy ‘Capitol Reef’ story. We all had a good laugh, and a very nice evening. (Jacob Lake, $17/night)